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The Portuguese Navy Hamradio Club - Núcleo de Radioamadores da Armada - is proud to issue, this Award in memory of the Portuguese Admiral Gabriel Prior, who, being a radio amateur  himself, was consequently a pioneer in the development and use of the short wave in the Navy.

This is a permanent Award and it can be won by any amateur radio station in any country providing proves to have contacted all the places/countries contacted by Gabriel Prior between 27 of September of 1927 and 19 of February of 1928 using call sign - "X-Ray Echo Papa One Mike Alpha" - "XEP1MA" installed on board of very old Portuguese Cruiser "Adamastor" and also all the Portuguese - Speaking Countries.
As part of this Award a small booklet is included containing an article written by Admiral Gabriel Prior, in 1928, in which he describes the experiments and activity he carried out concerning the short wave and it's applicability to communication in the Portuguese Navy.
To get the Award, the following countries / places are to be contacted under the explained conditions:
*Germany (DL), *Argentina (LU), *Australia (VK), *Belgium (ON), *Brasil (PY), *USA (California) (K), *Check Republic (OK), *Eslovaquia (OM), *China (BY), *UK (G), *India (VU), *Italy (I), *Japan (JA), *New Zelanda (ZL), *Filipines (DU), *France (F), *Tasmania (VK7), *Uruguai (CX), *Portugal (CT), Azores (CU), Madeira (CT3), Angola (D2), Mozambique (C9), Cape Verde (D4), Guine Bissau (J5), Macau (XX9), S. Tome and Principe (S9), East Timor (4W), NRA Club Station (CS5NRA)
* Countries contacted by Admiral Gabriel Prior while he was overseas between 1927 and 1928 on board of Cruser Adamastor.
The following bands and modes are valid since the contacts were made after 2002 July 27th: Any band of authorized HF for the ham service: 160 80 40 30 20 17 15 12 10 meters;
Any of CW, SSB, RTTY or PSK emission modes are valid;
The attribution of the Diploma will be by means of sending us the QSL Card and LOG concerning to the QSO, certified by two Hamradio operators and is to mention:  Call Sign of Station contacted; Place/Country; Mode; Band and date.
Stations ordering this Award are to include 10€, 13USD or 15IRC's and address the request to:

Núcleo de Radioamadores da Armada
Attn: Award Manager
ETNA - Base Naval de Lisboa
2810-001 Alfeite

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