Activation CR5SN - Núcleo de Radioamadores da Armada

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Activation CR5SN

Activações do NRA

ILLW 2014


Sines Lighthouse

The Portuguese Navy Hamradio Club - NRA is going to be active for ILLW on the weekend 16/17 AUG 2014 .
Using Call Sign
CR5SN the activity will be run on the entire ILLW period of time on the bands of 80-40-20-15-10 meters, on CW and SSB, alternatively.
Depending on the propagation conditions it is expected to work close to the frequencies listed below. However it is not mandatory.

80 meters
 3,521 MHz +/- 10KHz CW
 3,730 MHz +/- 10KHz SSB
40 meters

 7,021 MHz +/- 10KHz CW                                                                           

 7,130 MHz +/- 10KHz SSB
20 meters

 14,021 MHz +/- 10KHz CW
 14,221 MHz +/- 10KHz SSB
15 meters

 21,021 MHz +/- 10KHz CW
 21,221 MHz +/- 10KHz SSB
10 meters

 28,021 MHz +/- 10KHz CW
 28,400 MHz +/- 10KHz SSB
Valid referencies:
ARLHS:    POR-008 – Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society
PT0031 - International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend
CT-01351 – World Castles Award
FBA-01 – Portuguese Lighthouse Award
DMP-1513 – Portuguese Municipalities Award
ST-068 - Portuguese Castles and Fortresses Award
ST-068 – Portuguese Historical Monuments Award
SNS-01 - Diploma Divulgação das Freguesias Portuguesas
FP-055 – Placa dos Faróis e Farolins Portugueses
QSL Confirmation:

QSL Cards will be sent only as reply to the received ones.
E-QSL and other electronic ways to change QSL will not be used.
QSL received via Bureau
will be answered via bureau;
QSL received via Direct
will be answered via direct if the sender include 1IRC and SAE (Self Adressed
or only (Self Adressed Stamped Envelope).
For Direct QSL please use the following snail adress:

Núcleo de Radioamadores da Armada

Base Naval de Lisboa
2810-001 Alfeite
Any related question should be sent to :

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